GBC urges public to pay TV licence

Dr Akuffo Anoff-Ntow-DG , GBC

Dr Akuffo Anoff-Ntow-DG , GBC

The public have been urged to ensure prompt payment of their TV licence fees to help the national broadcaster address some of its challenges.
According to the head of TV License at the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) Rev. Ebenezer Botwi, the payment of TV licence fees would help improve the quality of its services.
Rev. Botwi made this known at the trainer of trainers programme for 22 banks at GBC Studio One yesterday.
He said the banks must focus on registration before payment since many users were complaining about the lack of time of bankers to register them.
“Bankers should be ready at all times to serve the general public by taking them through the right registration procedures since you don’t know the amount the TV user wants to pay,” he added.
“If bankers become abreast of the right registration process, the user must not need to spend more than four minutes to make payment”.
Rev Botwi, who is also the acting Head of Finance at GBC explained the three types of TV licence domestic, which deals with household users, commercial which focus on business centres and dealers, which involved TV sellers.
He added that the payment system would soon be expanded to rope in all users who have no idea about the licence fees.
Rev. Botwi called on banks in the country to be friendly to TV users when they call on them to pay their fees since the banks served as a major source for the collection of TV licence for the state broadcaster.
A participant from Access Bank Ghana, Daniel Yeboah, on his part, said the training would help them to better serve TV users who visit their offices to pay their licences.


By Daniel N. Amparbeng

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