Gas export manifold made locally

The  suction piles.A Gas Export Manifold manufactured at the Takoradi Port by Ghanaians, has left the port for the Jubilee Field to receive gas and send it onshore.

The manifold, manufactured by Ghanaians with a company called Belmet 7, is to be mounted on suction piles for the extraction of gas and exported from the Jubilee Field onshore.

The Public Affairs and Marketing Manager of the Takoradi Port, Mr. Peter Amo Bediako, told the media that the Takoradi Port was positioning itself to be a first-class destination for the oil and gas companies which would operate in the region.

He said that was the first time a facility of its kind had been made in Ghana, adding that “equipment like the manifold were always made outside and transported to Ghana making the cost higher”.

The manager said the expansion included so many fabrication and other allied companies to equip the port to meet the demands of the oil and gas companies off and onshore.

Photo 1100 shows the suction piles.

Photo 1101 shows the gas export manifold being driven to be loaded onto a ship.

Photo 1103 shows the gas export manifold

From Peter Gbambila –Takoradi

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