Gas accept Nii Yaote Oto-Ga as kingmaker

THE dispute over who is the King maker (Dzaasetse) for the Ga State Paramount Stool was yesterday resolved with Nii Yaote Oto-Ga being declared as the rightful kingmaker.

The decision which was arrived at by a committee of eminent clients from Ga Mashie convened by Numo Akwaa Mensah III, Nai Wulomo who is a key stakeholder in the installation of a Ga Mantse.

The committee made public their findings to the long standing protracted dispute over the legitimate Ga Dzaasetse at a media briefing at the Ga Traditional Council in Accra, yesterday.

The pronouncement of the committee was paramount since Nii Oto-Ga and Nii Tetteh Kwei II both selected by two separate groups within the Ga Royal Stool Dzaase started battled over who is the rightful kingmaker to install a Ga Mantse.

This followed the ruling by the Regional Judicial Committee which had been adjudicating the legitimacy of the late King Tackie Tawiah II (Dr. Jo Blankson) as the rightful Ga Mantse that all parties should go back and settle the case amicably.

The committee, which delivered the ruling in February, this year, therefore, struck out all the cases pertaining to Ga Mantse chieftaincy dispute, to open the floodgate for the two Dzaasetsemei to argue on their legitimacy and capacity to hold themselves out as rightful Dzasetse.

Nii Tetteh Kwei, under the auspices of Ga Paramount Stool Dzase, on April 1, 2015 called for a stakeholders meeting where eminent persons where invited to help chart the way forward to establish structures which would help install a new Ga Mantse.

At the meeting yesterday, two principal Wulomei of the Ga State, in collaboration with other traditional rulers with Nii Oto Ga present, briefed the media on their opinion on the impasse on the rightful Dzaasetse for the Ga paramount Stool.

The convener of the committee, Numo Akwaa Mensah, said the Ga Traditional Council set up an arbitration committee comprising eminent chiefs from Ga Mashie who invited the two contending factions, Oto-Ga and Tetteh Kwei to present their cases.

He said Nii Oto-Ga appeared with all heads of the four Dzaase ruling houses, “however, Nii Tetteh Kwei did not show up and was represented by three family members led by Nii De-Graft Amu Kwei.

“The Nii Oto-Ga faction, first presented their case that he was installed Ga Dzaasetse in accordance with customary laws, practice, procedures and usages that governed the enstoolment of a Ga Dzaasetse by the Royal Dzaase, comprising the four ruling houses of the Ga Paramount Stool,” he said.

Numo Mensah said the Oto-Ga faction had also gone through the customary processes at Nai We, Korle We, and Sakumo We and sat in state as Chief Mourner to perform the funeral rite of the late Boni Nii Amugi II, Ga Mantse in the capacity of Ga Dzaasetse when the late King was to be buried.

He said Nii Oto-Ga faction made it clear that it represented the Ga Dzaasetse in the chieftaincy suit at the Regional House of Chiefs against the late Dr. Blankson without Oto-Ga status being challenged at the court by Nii Tetteh Kwei.

Numo Mensah said Nii Tetteh Kwei’s faction argued that it was its prerogative to occupy the Dzaasetse position without verbal or documentary evidence.

He said, the committee, heard from both parties at adjourned proceedings and directed both parties to produce relevant documents the next sitting “but we received a letter from Tetteh Kwei faction on March 19, 2015 indicating their unwillingness to continue with the process, especially since their principal witness was indisposed”.

Numo Mensah said the Oto-Ga faction, however, produced report of the Ga Dangme Council which ruled on behalf of Nii Oto-Ga as far back as 2006 when the issue came up when Nii Amugi died and there was a need for a Ga Dzaasetse before the burial.

He said the Oto-Ga faction also produced copy of obituary of the late Nii Amugi which showed the role of Nii Oto-Ga, played, the order of service and other relevant documents.

Numo Ogbamey, he said was asked by the committee to explain Tetteh Kwesi’s claim that he enstooled him to which he (Numo Ogbamey) answered that those who brought Tetteh Kwei to him later withdrew his candidature and replaced him with Nii Oto-Ga, whom he duly performed the necessary rites to install him as the Dzaasetse.

He said the committee after considering all the documents brought before them, deliberated on the issue and pronounced Nii Yaote Oto-Ga as the rightful Dzaasetse of the Ga Paramount Stool.

Numo Mensah said the committee would want to use the platform to appeal to both the Regional and District Security Councils to respect the decision of the committee and also maintain law and order as the next Homowo festival approaches.

Other members of the Committee were Numo Ogbamey, Nii Adote Otintor, Sempe Mantse, Nii Dodoo NsakiII Otublohum Mantse, Nii Ayikai II, Akiamaye Mantse, and Nii Kwatei Olemmla, representing Ga Akwashong Mantse,.

Present to represent Ga Concern Youth were Nii Osabu Akwei I, Sowutuom Mantse, Nii Ansah, Borkorbor Mantse, and Nii Attuquayefio He Feo Be Tsafa, Bubuashie Dzaasetse.

It is recalled that Nii Tetteh Kwei installed Dr. J.O. Blankson as Ga Mantse under the name King Taekie Tawiah III which was challenged by Nii Oto-Ga at the Regional Judicial Council.

Nii Oto-Ga subsequently installed Nii Adama Latse II as the caretaker Ga Mantse awaiting the ruling from the Judicial Committee.

By Lawrence Markwei

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