Last Saturday, July 1, Ghana celebrated the 57th Republic Day which by convention is also celebrated as Senior Citizens Day.

The day, apart from being commemorated as the Republic day, declared on July 1, 1960, from the United Kingdom, it is also set aside to celebrate our senior citizens across the country.

Although the day may appear as one of the usual holidays on the country’s calendar, its significance cannot be lost on us.

On attainment of the republican status 57 year ago, the aspirations of our forefathers were, among other things, to have the freedom to chart both political and economic course for the well-being of the people.

Indeed, our forebearers have toiled to set the country on the developmental path which was handed over to our current leaders who have taken over the baton to run their leg of the race.

The verdict as to whether our leaders have done well or not, firmly remains with the citizenry who are the best judges.

That notwithstanding, we believe that our senior citizens deserve a pat on the back for all that they have done and continue to do for the country.

Obviously, many would have wished that we were better off than today. Looking back at where we are coming from and comparing it with countries such as the Koreas and the Malaysias, one is tempted to agree with that assumption that these countries were our contemporaries but appear to have left us behind.

Despite the failures, our case is not a hopeless one. We still have the opportunity to catch up or do better than we are doing today.

It is possible for us to overcome the numerous developmental challenges such as unemployment, diseases, poverty, literacy and corruption which continue to bedevil the country. We are capable!.

The Times hopes that on the occasion of the 57th Republic Day celebration and the appreciation of senior citizens, we all would do some retrospection about all facets of the countries development agenda, to find out where we went wrong with the view of correcting the mistakes.

In the same vein, we express our profound gratitude to our senior citizens for their sacrifices which have made it possible for the country to be where it is today.

As we celebrate the day, we also pay tribute to all the fallen heroes, all past presidents, our gallant soldiers, men and women of other security agencies as well as leaders in all spheres of life for their continuous sacrifice to make our country safe, great and strong.

We congratulate all Ghanaians for another milestone and salute all citizens for the 57th Republican Day anniversary.

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