Ga Rural Bank Robbed… GH¢0.11m Stolen

The front view of the bankThe Atomic Police in Accra, are investigating    the robbery of a whopping GH¢111,300 at the Taifa Branch of the Ga Rural Bank.

Two armed persons are alleged to have broken into the vault of the bank on March 3, in the night, and stole all the cash in it.

Since then, the police have launched a man-hunt for the robbers, but are yet to make any arrests.
Narrating the circumstances leading to the theft, a police source said two armed men were suspected to have entered the building through the front door without breaking it.

It said a closed-circuit television, (CCTV) camera caught them breaking the only padlock, to gain access to the office itself.
The robbers then located the strong room and the keys to the safe which they used to unlock, gain access, and ransack it.

The Ghanaian Times, investigations revealed that the crime was committed with ease, as some officers of the bank are being accused of compromising their positions to facilitate the robbery.

Subsequently, eight of the staff members of the bank were arranged before a committee constituted  to investigate the matter.
The initial report of the investigations indicated that most of them were evasive and economical with the truth.

“They were not very co-operative and appeared not to appreciate the security lapses,” a source told The Ghanaian Times.
Meanwhile, the Atomic Police say that they are waiting for the management of the bank to provide them with the CCTV footage of the burglary incident to enable them to confirm their investigations.

They said they had taken statements from some staff members in connection with the crime, and were left with the footage to identify those who perpetrated the crime.

“Management has promised to forward the footage to us, and as soon as it is obtained, we will proceed with the investigation to get to the bottom of this case,” the source said.    By Times Reporter   

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