Ga Mashie bans noise making

The month-long ban on noise making that heralds the Homowo Festival in Ga Mashie, and all other communities under its jurisdiction, in the Greater Accra Region, takes effect from May 8 to June 8, 2017.

At a press conference in Accra yesterday, the Ga Traditional Council gave notice that there should be no excessive noise from any form of music and musical instruments, including clapping.

The tradition of ban on noise making which has historical antecedent is observed to usher tranquility in the communities to enhance meditation.

Usually during the ban, inhabitants in the Ga State temporarily suspend funeral activities until the period is over.

Announcing the calendar for the observation of this year’s Homowo festival, Nii Dodo Nsaki II, acting President of the Council, said the council, in collaboration with the security agencies, would put in place a task force to enforce the traditional practice.

He said they would be mandated to monitor the communities to ensure that there was compliance to the ban to ensure a conducive environment and to enable religious meditation, especially, for the traditional priests and priestesses.

Nii Dodoo appealed to residents of Ga Mashie and its suburbs to adhere strictly to the ban, to forestall any confrontation.

He said inasmuch the area had developed into a sprawling metropolis with diversified ethnicity and culture, the onus fell on the “visitors” to respect the traditions of the indigenes which are an integral part of their existence as Gas.

Nii Dodoo said after lifting the ban by beating a special drum, Odadaa, on June 8, the celebration of Homowo by the Gas would kick-start with the people of Ga Mashie observing theirs on August 12, this year.

He wished all inhabitants of the city good felicitations during the meditation period and asked them to join in celebrating a joyous Homowo this year.

By Lawrence Markwei

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