IT appears the feud between factions laying claim to the Ga Matse Paramouncy may never be resolved.
At different times, various factions have clashed over who is the rightful heir to the Ga stool.
At some point, there were about three claimants to the Ga Mantse title, but the number was reduced to two following the death of one of them.
The two remaining claimants decided to settle the dispute in court which brought relieve to many keen followers of the protracted feud.
An Accra High Court only last week, pronounced judgement in favour of one of the Ga Mantses, Nii Adama Latse.
As reported by The Ghanaian Times on Monday, the court, in addition to its ruling, urged that the Ga Mantse be sworn-in as president of the Ga Traditional Council, within a week of the ruling.
The information we gathered, indicate that the preparation to install the Ga Mantse as the President of the Ga Traditional Council, sparked the latest clashes.
The Times is worried that the prolonged and bitter dispute, which many thought had been settled, has reared its ugly heads again.
It is unfortunate, that the struggle over the Ga Mantse stool after the death of the late Nii Amugi II, does not seem to go away.
Without doubt, it has been the wish, not only of Gas, but many Ghanaians that the protracted dispute would end, and the Ga Mantse would occupy his rightful place among chiefs in the country.
Unfortunately, the disturbances of the last two days with its attendant violence and destruction of property, does not give anybody hope that the dispute can be resolved soon.
The Times like others, are disappointed that the dispute cannot be resolved and occasionally erupts into clashes that result in injuries and destruction of property.
We are fortunate that in the latest clash, no lives were lost but it must not be allowed to happen again.
The dispute must not be allowed to escalate to claim lives before steps are taken to resolve it.
The members of two factions, who were reported to have fired gunshots and destroyed property, should be pursued and made to face the law.
The government must also take interest in what is happening and take the necessary steps to prevent any disturbances that may affect members of the public.
The Ga Mantse dispute must be resolved now for the rightful heir to take over and perform his duties in peace.

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