Ga Chiefs Want Alfred Vanderpuije Removed

SONY DSCSome chiefs and traditional leaders of the Ga State  have called for the immediate removal of Mr. Alfred Okoe Vanderpuije as mayor of Accra.

According to them, his performance as mayor was below expectation. The chiefs backed by some of the Ga youth, assembly men and concerned Ga groups said their chiefs deserved better treatment from the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) and its administration.

“Okoe Vanderpuije must step down because he does not assist the Gas in any way, he only interferes in chieftaincy affairs and that has brought about serious divisions among the Ga divisional chiefs,” they said.

A Member of the Ga Traditional Council, Numo Ogbarmey III, Sakumo Wulomo, raised the concerns at a press conference at the Ga Mantse’s Palace in Accra yesterday.

Numo Ogbarmey expressed disappointment at the mayor’s refusal to attend important functions at the Ga traditional council, stating that his administration has been a failure and that he must not be retained as mayor.

He said ever since Mr. Vanderpuije assumed office as mayor of Accra, he rarely consulted the Ga chiefs on pertinent matters bordering on the administration of the city, thus his relationship with the chiefs have been unfriendly, resulting in serious drawbacks to the development in the city.

The deplorable condition of the offices of the Ga Traditional Council (Ga Mantse’s Palace), according to them was a clear indication of the mayor’s disregard for the people of Ga Mashie and the Council, hence the calls for his removal as the AMA boss.

According to the chiefs, Accra has retrogressed under the four-year administration of Mr Vanderpuije.
The chiefs also accused the mayor of alleged poor of human relations and corruption.

Dr Alfred Vanderpuije however declined to comment on the allegations levelled against him when contacted by The Ghanaian Times, saying “I have nothing to say, and won’t commit myself to this issue”.

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