Ga chiefs support demolition

Nii Ayi Bonte (third from right), addressing the media. Seated beside him  are Nii Omaedru and  Nii Klotia, Nii Amarkai, Nii Ayikai and Nii Nsaki

Nii Ayi Bonte (third from right), addressing the media. Seated beside him are Nii Omaedru and
Nii Klotia, Nii Amarkai, Nii Ayikai and Nii Nsaki

GA Chiefs have thrown their support behind Alfred Oko Vanderpuije, the Chief Executive of Accra Metropolis, for the demolition of unauthorized structures at Old Fadama (Sodom and Gomorrah) in Accra.

The chiefs from the Ga Traditional Council and Ngleshie Alata Traditional Council, of the Ga Mashie, where the old Fadama was located, said they would have undertaken the exercise, if they had the necessary logistics.

“It is to be noted that we the allodia owners of the land would have wished to pull these structures down but we do not have the capacity by way of equipment and other resources to do so, hence our appreciation to Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) for this bold initiative,” the chiefs contended.

The chiefs expressed anger over political rhetoric’s which emerged after the exercise, those who had given political coloration to the exercise when they interacted with the media yesterday at Ga Mantse’s Palace.

Nii Omaedru, Noyaa Mantse of Korle Gonno, speaking on behalf of the chiefs, said the location of Old Fadama (Sodom and Gomorrah) used to be the ‘spiritual’ ground of the Korle Lagoon deity.

“Unfortunately over time, the area has been defiled to the extent that all manner of things, including unacceptable materials, and burial of humans have been done there to the anger and anguish of the Korle Lagoon Spiritual deity,” he said.

Nii Omaedru noted that Building of unauthorized structures, and settlement on waterways to the recent floods.

He said the practical action by the AMA was to avert future calamity.

He said it was unfortunate that the project was stalled as a result of the unauthorized settlement of the location of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Nii Ayi Bonte, Gbese Mantse, expressed worry that some politicians, for want of votes, have politicized the demolition.

Nii Ayi Bonte criticized residents of Old Fadama, who protested the demolition, destroying state properties at Parliament House creating a chaotic situation in Accra.

He said that behaviour has evoked feelings from the traditional leaders not to grant any land for any resettlement package since such violence could not be entertain anywhere on Accra lands.

He said consequently, the chiefs would not release land for the resettlement of residents of Old Fadama, because violent behavior would not be entertained on Accra land.

Nii Ayi Bonte recalled that the people of Old Fadama were resettled at New Fadama in 1961 by Dr Kwame Nkrumah’s government at the cost of 55,000 Ghanaian pounds, saying” what is the essence of resettling the people only for new faces to emerge and squat on the land again and call for another resettlement package.”

He congratulated Mr. Vandapuije for taking a bold step to address the perennial flooding in Accra and called for the sustenance of the exercise to remove all slums.

Present were Nii Amarkai III, Asere Dzasetse, Nii Ayikai, Akamajay Mantse, Nii Dodoo Nsaki Otublolum Mantse and the acting president of the Ga Traditional Council.

By Lawrence Markwei 

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