Funny Face For The Altar

online funny faceSwagon Papa Funny Face will soon go to the altar with his loving fiancée, Nana Adjoa.

One of Ghana’s finest comedians, Funny Face, born   as Benson Nana Yaw Boateng, told Times Weekend he had ‘chewed on’ for too long, so he would be ringing the wedding bells soon.

The young man, who began life from point ‘zero’, has now risen to a hero. The storm of poverty rode his life from the beginning, but has turned into prosperity, and he is wishing to enjoy it to the fullest.

The O’Reilly Senior High School old boy has stood on numerous platforms entertaining large audiences, and now owns, in his words, “a fleet of Cars, aside from the one given him by Togolese footballer, Adebayor.

He told Times Weekend, he has now found his ‘missing’ Eve, and is going to tie the knot so that they may be called husband and wife.

“Early next year, I would be taking someone to the altar, so I can join the number of husbands in the country, masa ‘akomade ye akye’.   That day, I will fool myself, swaaag on.

“I know you are itching to know who this lucky woman is, she is Nana Adjoa”.

As usual, Funny Face could not say all these things without his comic relief. He said.  “I want to tell all those who will be coming to my wedding to come with their own food. Who should cook for you, me or my wife-to-be? Please, come with your take away. Ex——–cuuuuuuu——–se me”.   By  Edem Mensah- Tsotorme


So, fans, and admirers of Funny Face should start preparing for the swagon wedding to hit the city early next year.

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