Fuel Shortage Mitigated

fuel shortageDespite the injection of more than 3 million litres of fuel to retail stations to ease the fuel crisis, there are still challenges in the system.

A visit by the Ghanaian Times to some lorry stations revealed that public transport operators particularly trotro, taxi, and okada drivers could not make their normal rounds due to the shortage.

The situation is having telling effect on passengers as some operators, particularly taxi drivers have cashed in on the development to charge exorbitant fares.

A two kilometer journey, which used to be GH¢7.00 before the shortage, now goes for between GH¢15 and GH¢20.00.

Passengers who board trotro were not sparred as some drivers have started charging unapproved fares.

Whilst many anticipate that fuel would be available by Tuesday, July 1, it is unclear whether

The Ghanaian Times visit to some filling stations in Accra revealed the dire nature of the situation.

Out of the six filling stations visited, four were virtually empty with few cars parked at vantage points.

At the Nima Goil Filling station, few drivers were spotted filling their tanks with diesel as others joined long queues with plastic gallons waiting in anticipation for super.

The story was not different at the Kanda Total filling station, as attendants were seen conversing among themselves.

However, at the Kaneshie and Darkuman stations, vehicles that run out of fuel since Friday, and gone there to get some fuel were left stranded in long awaiting queues.

Paul Kwadwo, a taxi driver told The Ghanaian Times in an interview that he could not make the usual day’s routine due to the shortage.

He appealed to the government to as a matter of urgency ensure that fuel was available today.

Nasiru Barry, a station attendant expressed worry that customers were stacked up waiting to buy a commodity that should not be in short supply.

“It is sad that drivers and passengers had to go through this ordeal because of a commodity that must be available at all times,” he said.



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