Frytol re-launches cholesterol-free oil

Wilmar Africa Limited, a global leader in cooking oil production, has re-launched its flagship cooking oil Frytol onto the Ghanaian market.

The new Frytol endorsed by the Ghana Medical Association (GMA), which comes with a new package, is cholesterol free and fortified with vitamin A.

Speaking at the re-launch, the General Manager of Wilmar Africa Limited, Kwame Wiafe  said the re-launch was to “connect Frytol to the youthful population of the country.”

He said the programme was also to cure some misinformation being bandied about cooking oils on the Ghanaian market.

“As a market leader of the cooking oil market in Ghana with 80 per cent market we feel it is important for the company to clear the air on the misconception and misinformation about cholesterol and cooking oil,” he said.

The General Manager said the company currently produced 1000 tonnes of cooking oil a day and also export to other West African markets.

Mr Wiafe said Ghanaian palm producers could only supply about 30 per cent of crude oil palm needs of the company.

He said the company had to import crude palm oil from Côte D’ Voire to meet the production target of the company.

Mr Wiafe entreated Ghanaians to enter into palm cultivation since there was ready market for palm fruit.

The Vice President of GMA, Dr Frank Serebour, said cholesterol was good for the body since some vitamins were absorbed through cholesterol.

However, he said, there was bad cholesterol which was harmful to the body.

He said the body produced 75 per cent of its cholesterol needs and the remaining deficit was gotten from external sources such as meat products.

Dr Serebour intimated that too much cholesterol was bad for the body and excess cholesterol formed plaques in the blood.

He entreated the citizens to do a lot of exercise to save them from non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.

Dr Serebour explaining why GMA endorsed Frytol, said the product was produced locally, adding the GMA could vouch for the quality of the Wilmar Africa Limited products.


He also said GMA supported products that promote the health of consumers.

The Head of Food Industrial Support Services Department of the Food and Drugs Authority, Ebenezer Kofi Essel, said cooking oil had virtually no cholesterol.

He advised consumers to desist from reusing used cooking oil to fry foodstuffs for several times.

 By Kingsley Asare

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