Fraudsters cashing in on floods

Some unscrupulous, people are taking undue advantage of last Wednes-day’s disaster in Accra, and defrauding relatives of missing persons, the Police have revealed.

The perpetrators, according to the police, have been calling relatives who have advertised pictures and contact numbers of their missing relatives on television, claiming they know their whereabouts.

In one instance, a relative of a missing person told the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) that within an hour he received 21 calls from different people, including two women on Monday, moments after information and contact numbers of the missing relative rolled on television, asking those with information on the missing persons to contact him for a reward.

The Head of the Fraud Unit, CID Headquarters, Chief Superintendent Felix Koku Mawusi, disclosed this to The Ghanaian Times yesterday, and cautioned the public to be wary of such people.

He said the perpetrators call the relative and ask leading questions like who he/she was; where he/she worked and lived.

He said the callers often declined to give detailed information about themselves and the exact locations they claimed the missing persons were.

He warned that, “These people are taking undue advantage of the circumstance to outwit innocent people, including relatives of the missing persons, realising that they are desperate and traumatised.

Chief Supt Mawusi assured that his outfit is conducting further investigations into the issue to arrest and prosecute the perpetrators.

By Francis Asamoah Tuffour      

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