France GJA chapter pres burgled

ANDORThe Paris police are investigating the robbery of a popular Ghanaian sports journalist in France, Nyanfeiku Andor.

The home of Andor, who is president of the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) branch in France, was ransacked by armed men on December 23, last month, making away with items worth thousands of Euros.

Among the items stolen were gold wrist watches, tablet phones, jewelries belonging to his French wife, mobile phones, computers and other Christmas presents meant for his family and friends back home in Ghana.

“I was really surprised about the robbery because the area I lived in – Clamart – is a respected, crime-free commune in the capital.

“These robbers may have been ambushing us for a long time and know when we leave for work and return every day,” he told the Times Sports at the weekend.

Clamart is a commune in the south-western suburb of Paris, France. It is located 8.7 km from the centre of Paris.

According to the sports journalist, who is also a sports presenter at RadioLivin, a local radio station in Strasbourg, the Paris police had already come to his residence to take finger prints after the incident and hoped that they would get to the bottom of the case.

“I have strong confidence in the police here and hope they get to the bottom of the matter and arrest the perpetrators,” he said.

The robbers were alleged to have had a field day as they raided a number of houses in that vicinity and even left a bag containing some items from their operations in the house of Andor.

As of the time of filing the story, the Paris police have still not been able to arrest anybody in connection with the crime.

By John Vigah

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