Former MP relishes chiefdom



The former Member of Parliament (MP) for Talensi, Robert Nachinab Doameng Mosore, who is now the Paramount Chief of the Tongo Traditional Area, has revealed that his enskinnment has saved him from the abrasive arena of politics where insults prevail.

Mr. Mosore, now known by the stool name, Tongo-Rana Kubilsong Nalebegtan, believes the chieftaincy institution is, “quite noble” and that he “feels more elevated than before”.

The MP stepped down after he was enskinned Paramount Chief in the Upper East Region, a month ago.

He resigned from Parliament on Monday, because per the constitution, a chief is not supposed to dabble in partisan politics.

Explaining why he left politics, Mr. Mosore said as a member of the royal family, he had always had an eye on the position, and unsuccessfully vied for the position some years ago.

“I want to be the paramount chief of my area too. Every prince would want to be elevated to kingship one day, so I felt I should go and I went,” he explained in an interview on Tuesday.

The Tongo Paramount Chief said despite the pressure mounted by the Majority on him to resign, he had stayed on because he needed to be officially registered and gazzeted before holding himself as a chief.

Article 759 Section 57, clause 5 emphasised the importance of registering his position, he pointed out.

Although the process of registration was not over, he said he had decided to “let sleeping dogs lie”

He was of the view that “the Tongo skin is very important in the Upper East region” and he felt “lucky” to be given the position.

The Speaker of Parliament on Tuesday, declared the Talensi seat in Parliament vacant, paving the way for a bye-election.


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