Former E.P Moderator warns against strifes, conflicts

Former EPCG Moderator – Very Rev. J. Y. Ledo addressing the congregation

Former EPCG Moderator – Very Rev. J. Y. Ledo addressing the congregation

IMMININET strife and conflict situations are looming over the country as “the signposts of moral behaviour have all fallen by the road,” former Moderator of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana (EPCG), Very Rev. Japhet Yao Ledo has warned.

He noted that the contemporary Ghanaian society was now so morally bankrupt that the young are resorting to cyber fraud to make money while the rest of the citizenry, including politicians are looking for dishonest means to amass wealth at the expense of others.

Rev. Ledo was preaching the sermon at the 125th anniversary service of the EPCG at Tsibu-Awudome in the Ho West District of the Volta Region on Sunday.

The celebration was under the theme: ‘The Rock of our Salvation’.

According to Rev. Ledo, honest people were being despised in the society and also within officialdom, for which reason hardship was prevailing in the country.

The renowned clergyman recalled that some years back, Ghana enjoyed so much peace that refugees from other West African country sought refuge in the country.

However, he said that the same could not be said today because Ghanaians had thrown the virtue of trust to the dogs, as antecedent events that could trigger ethnic conflicts occurred on daily bases.

Rev. Ledo wondered which direction Ghana was moving towards if gangs such “Invincible Forces” could storm courtrooms with impunity and disrupt deliberations of the court.

“It is also becoming increasingly common for men in their 60s to defile three years old girls because our society is so rotten now,” the former EPCG moderator moaned.

He touched on government plans to divide some regions with the untenable explanation that the move was to bring governance closer to the people, and revealed that since the Adaklu District, for instance, was carved out of the Adaklu-Nyigbe District some years ago there was still no potable water and no tarred road in the Adaklu-District.

“Lies are being peddled to carry out ulterior motives against innocent people and that is not a good recipe for peace,” Rev. Ledo cautioned.

He urged Christians to stand tall against all forms of injustice and hold onto their trust at all times even in the wake of hardships, and re-erect the signposts of moral behaviour and salvage the country from chaos.

In a goodwill message, Togbe Adzadi Kpakpu III, Dufia of Tsibu-Awudome hailed EPCG as a cardinal pillar of progress in the community.

“The educational facilities, from kindergarten, through infant schools and junior school, were established by the church and opened to all without denying any child of school going age enrolment,” he acknowledged.


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