Foreign mission urged to deny trouble causers visa

The Reverend Professor Emmanuel Narsh, Project Manager at the Ghana Peace Awards (GPA), is pushing for the denial of Ghanaian politicians who would cause mayhem in the December polls access to foreign countries.

To that end, he advocated the formation of an inter-diplomatic taskforce to monitor and investigate any political actor who would be found instigating violence in the country before, during and after the elections.

“I want to suggest to all embassies in Ghana to set up a task force that will monitor politicians and consequently refuse entry or visas into various countries of families and the politicians themselves, who by any means want to cause mayhem and run away”, he proposed.

At a press conference in Accra to launch the awards, Professor Narsh said there was the need to deny offending politicians and their families exit from Ghana in order for them to face the laws of the country if they are found culpable.

The awards scheme is to honour and celebrate institutions and organisations whose achievements of peace have contributed to peace and progress

With 32 category of awards up for grabs at the National Theatre in Accra on October 29, the scheme also aims at recognising the leadership impact of individuals who have made outstanding differences in politics, environment, education, business among others.

“Ghanaians must honour and respect each other’s views and opinions. We may disagree but we must always remember to offer respect for each person’s life and the dignity of all living beings” Prof. Narsh stated.

According to him, Ghana was a strong country with functional state institutions with the capacities to deal with any disagreement that may arise from the polls.

In this regard, Rev. Professor Narsh said, it was important all parties involved in the elections turned to the mandated institutions for redress instead of resorting to violence which would be an indelible mark on the country.


By Julius Yao Petetsi         





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