Flush Out The Illegal Petrol Dealers!

ON our front page today, is a report on the arrest of three fuel peddlers in Kumasi, in a major clamp down on illegal trading of petroleum products in parts of the country.

The three were found to be selling fuel, including petrol and diesel, in bottles and gallons on table tops in the open.

The crackdown, is part of a campaign by the National Petroleum Authority (NPA), to enforce its policy on unauthorised and unsafe selling of fuel and other related products.

The illegal dealers have been operating in flagrant disregard of the law, posing danger to the public and motorists.

The worrying trend has been reported in many areas, raising safety and security concerns, as the sale of fuel in gallons is highly risky and could lead to fire outbreaks.

In other countries, there are rules concerning the selling of petroleum products into jerry cans as spare fuel carried on vehicles.

It is also worthy of note that in this country, the NPA Act 2005, Act 691, prohibits unauthorised persons from engaging in the sale of petroleum products, with the exception of petty trading in kerosene.

Section 32(1) of the Act states: “A person, other than a person licensed under the Act, shall not (a) sell or offer for sale a petroleum product, or (b) be in possession of a petroleum product in quantities unreasonably in excess of that person’s immediate requirement, or (c) Receive a petroleum product for sale.”

The Act mandates the NPA as a statutory agency regulating, overseeing and monitoring the petroleum downstream industry in Ghana, to ensure efficiency, growth and stakeholder satisfaction, and to protect consumer interests and maintain the highest standards of petroleum products.

The Times, finds the action of the NPA as timely, to nib the illegal practice in the bud.

The recent cases of fuel tanker explosions should continue to remind us all of the dangers associated with the poor management or handling of petroleum products, and we cannot allow fuel peddling to create additional environmental and safety problems for us.

We fully support the action, and urge the NPA to sustain it to ensure the safety of our people.

We also call for an investigation into the sources of the fuel to the peddlers, so that the faces behind this nefarious activity can be exposed and dealt with, severely.

That is the only way by which we can plug the loopholes, to prevent fuel smuggling and illegal sales in and out of the country.

There should be no room for such nation wreckers to operate.


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