Florence Yeboah’s autobiography

Professor Felix I. D. Konotey-Ahulu

Professor Felix I. D. Konotey-Ahulu

This book is excellent! Titled “FLORENCE YEBOAH – Yielded and Truly Fulfilled”, it is more than an autobiography It is the history of how a simple message commonly called “The GOOD NEWS” transformed her life at Agogo Girls’ School Scripture Union Camp.

Not a mere Message but A PERSON: Like many of us who thought baptism and confirmation made us Christians Florence had a shock to discover that the Message through which she became a true Christian was a person.

My own experience identified with her. Alone in my room at Legon Hall in 1952, I met The PERSON, or rather My Saviour met me. To be a true Christian begins with the word “Sin”.

At Agogo (writes Florence Yeboah) “A tall, noble English civil servant” called Mr Tony Wilmot (page 19) “had come from Accra and had been introduced as the speaker for the night. His topic was ‘The sinfulness of sin’ and my life was completely turned around.”

This reminded me of Friday night October 24, 1952 when I read the familiar words in my Bible: “I have come to call sinners to repentance” (Matthew 9 verse 13).

The word sin hit me like a bullet, just as Florence describes happened to her in 1955: “The room was charged with the presence of The Holy Spirit! Realising God’s great love for us, in sending our Lord Jesus to redeem us, I was deeply convicted of sin – my personal sin …!”

Similarly, it was by The Holy Spirit that my personal sin was revealed to me and I cried out “You have come to call sinners to repentance. I am a sinner. Please save me!” And He did.

Spiritual Journey with Temptations and Trials: When Florence heard the familiar message that GOD punished His Beloved Son for her sins, and sent The Holy Spirit to transform her she broke down.

She immediately began a spiritual journey opposed by God’s enemy, Satan. Read the details yourself. Note her trials and temptations. One bible quoting married man who offered to drive Florence home after a Christian meeting kept caressing her left thigh in the car.

Read how she dealt with him. Then a few years ago another married man visited her at home complaining vehemently about his wife. When Florence told him she was 73 years old the man said (page 35) “Ei!

Then you’re really beautiful!” Florence added: “He ran out of the gate, sweating all over”. Read also about sexual temptations in boarding school and how she coped.

Reality of a powerful spiritual realm: Mention of The HOLY SPIRIT, attacks from Satan, mysterious car accidents, four encounters with snakes one of which curled around her legs until a soldier suddenly emerged and crushed the cobra’s head, armed robbers shoving the nozzle of a gun up the nostril of one of them at home, and describing God’s deliverance in all this will puzzle atheists who consider themselves too brilliant to accept the existence of Satan and a spiritual realm.

They scorn the fact that GOD sent His SON to destroy the works of Satan and deliver those held in his grasp. One day every knee shall bow to GOD’s Son, and Satan with his rebel angels will be comprehensively dealt with.

Gratitude: Florence’s unstinting gratitude to anyone who has been good to her is commendable. Her teachers, friends who housed her, who gave her money, who treated her when ill, who gave her spiritual encouragement when she felt low, friends who donated a plot of land and built her a house, co-workers who toiled with her, Florence mentioned them all one by one, teaching us how to say “Thank you”.

The numerous photographs and names in the book reflect not only the number of people she has helped, but also how many have helped her. Florence Yeboah’s witness is very broad.

Her influence through the Scripture Union, Nurses’ Christian Fellowship (National and International), Ghana Congress of Evangelisation Women’s Ministry and other Associations and Societies has been enormous.

Born on December 12 1934, Florence Yaa Biamah Yeboah describes herself thus: “Marital Status: Single”, but the truth is she has spiritual children of all ages, some in various

professions. They are those she has led to The Saviour. This book thrills me enormously because many of the Christian Ghanaians and Expatriates Florence mentions, some now in GLORY, have been a blessing to me too.

Greatest Virtue of This Autobiography: What I like most about this Autobiography is Florence Yeboah’s frequent mention of “The Lord Jesus Christ”. The Name Lord Jesus Christ appears on page, after page, after page.

To Florence Yeboah Christianity is intensely personal. To her The Good News, the Gospel, is a PERSON! Because of The Lord Jesus Christ God has promised that He will not remember Florence’s sins anymore (Jeremiah 31 verse 34 and Romans 8 verse 1).

God not remembering something? I once described this amazing truth as Divine Voluntary Amnesia. “Saved” from the Guilt of sin, Florence is now “Being Saved” from the Power of sin through

The Holy Spirit, and when earth’s journey is done Florence “Will be Saved” from the Presence of sin. Satan opposes “saved” people because they are saved to be holy and bring glory to The Triune God — the one thing Satan detests most.

The person freed from condemnation (Romans 8 verse 1) who does not yearn to be holy but continues in sin is what I call an “Adufude Christian”. See Romans 6 verses 1 & 2.

Adom Lodge: The well-chosen name of Florence Yeboah’s home in Accra (page 96) “Adom Lodge” shouts a message. Dictionary definition of Lodge is “a small house used as temporary accommodation”.

Florence’s message is we are temporary here on earth (Hebrews 13 v 14). “Adom” means Grace which is “Favour shown to the undeserving”. Nyame Adom means “Grace of God”.

The letters in Grace extend to God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense which, Alleluia, is what The GOOD NEWS is all about. Thank you so much Florence Yeboah.

Reviewed by:
Professor Felix I. D. Konotey-Ahulu

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