We published in yesterday’s edition of the Ghanaian Times the breakdown of street lights on major roads and sensitive areas nationwide, plunging the country in perpetual darkness in the night.

The Ghanaian Times is concerned about the breakdown of these important street lights in what would appear as lack of maintenance by those responsible for them.

The situation has created an atmosphere of insecurity because unscrupulous people and miscreants have taken advantage of the situation to carry out their nefarious activities under the cover of darkness.

Also, the absence of street lights have affected economic activities taking place in the night in many areas that do not have them. Therefore, the lack of street light, is also slowing down economic activities, depriving people of their livelihood, and more importantly loss of lives through road crashes.

As part of good governance, public officials mandated to ensure that the street lights work must be held accountable for their stewardship. Consumers of electricity are levied for the provision of street light, therefore, they are within their right to demand nothing less than value for money.

There are compelling reasons why the street lights need quick fixing.  Accra and other affected areas are dark and apart from providing cover for miscreants it also affects the  Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The non-functioning street lights littered across the country are an eyesore and demonstration of our lack of maintenance culture. We do not need to remind anyone that we should protect on public property and when they are faulty, we take swift action to fix them.

On the flip side, we are equally disturbed by the attitudes of people toward public goods that are meant to enhance their well-being.  Some of these street lights that are broken down are self-inflicted. Some of these installed street lights are either of inferior quality or are not suitable for our circumstance. Implying not much due diligence has been done in the procurement and installation processes.

Notably, the Ghanaian attitude towards public property is not the best; some of the street lights have been damaged through reckless driving, while miscreants have deliberately vandalised some of them to enable them to carry out their nocturnal criminal activities.

We call for swift action to deal with the issue of broken down street lights to mitigate the attendant effects of insecurity, loss of livelihoods and increase in road crash fatality.

The Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) must take proactive steps to protect and maintain the street lights as public good.

Additionally, reckless drivers must be held responsible for any act of destruction of street lights and the public must also be “watchdogs” over this valuable public property.

The Regional Security Council, District Security Council and the security committees of MMDAs must work in tandem   to keep the streetlights safe! People caught for tempering with  public property must not be spared!


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