First couple’s aircraft makes precautionary landing at Apatrampa

Mrs.Lordina Mahama,First Lady (2)A GHANA Air Force MH-17 helicopter, carrying President John Mahama and the First Lady, Lordina made a precautionary landing at Apatrampa, a suburb of Kumasi on Friday.

The first family were from Sunyani to Kumasi after attending a funeral service for the deceased mother of the Chairman of the Council of State.

A statement issued by the Armed Forces Directorate of Public Relations said while approaching Kumasi, a sudden storm with high winds closed in.

“As a precaution and in line with safety procedures, the helicopter crew landed safely on an open field,” the statement said.

“The first couple were evacuated by officers of the Central Command to the residency in Kumasi. They have since been flown back to Accra,” it added.

“I feel great pride for our Armed Forces. Great intuition shown by our Heli pilot, I feel so proud. And at the controls was a woman,” President Mahama Twitted.

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