The Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS), yesterday warned the public to take precautionary measures to prevent fire outbreaks.

As published elsewhere in this paper, the GNFS, therefore, called for stringent measures to avert fires in the country.

Giving the warning against the backdrop of recent fire outbreaks in some parts of the country, the Acting Public Relations Officer of the GNFS, Timothy Osafo Affum, said the public held a greater responsibility in prevention of fire outbreaks and urged them to co-operate with the GNFS to prevent fire during the harmattan season.

The warning by the GNFS is timely, because fire outbreaks at this time of the year is a real threat to lives and property.

As a matter of fact, fire outbreaks are part of the harmattan season and they can start suddenly, move quickly and destroy a large number of property as occurred in Kumasi last Saturday.

The Kumasi inferno consumed a large number of wooden structures that provide shelter for more than 200 head potters, near the Aboabo Bridge, in Kumasi.

The fire which started at about 8 p.m. destroyed personal belongings of the head potters worth millions of cedis.

Typically, harmattan fire outbreaks occur in December and January because of the dry winds and its fury can be devastating and have lasting impact on communities.

The fires can also kill or injure people and that is why the warning by the GNFS must be taken seriously.

While commending the GNFS for being proactive, we want to add our voice and urge the public not only to be cautious, but to prevent fire outbreaks completely.

The Times have had occasions in the past to draw public attention to the dangers of fire outbreaks during the harmattan season, but it appears our appeals have fallen on deaf ears.

The fire outbreaks in this period have caused enormous amount of destruction running into millions of cedis.

We should therefore, be proactive in preventing fires not only during this period but at all times.

We also call on farmers, hunters and people who recklessly set bushfires for whatever reason, to be mindful of the dangers that their action pose to people and the environment.

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