Fire outbreaks always have disastrous consequences. Whether domestic, industrial, market or bushfire, they normally bring, in their trail destruction of property, and in many cases, loss of lives.

Victims of fire outbreaks suffer untold hardships since they lose their valuables, or, in the case of market or industrial fires, their sources of livelihood.

Aside from the harm caused to individuals and industry owners, fires also impact negatively on the national economy.

A fire disaster is not something one should wish for even one’s worst enemy, let alone, oneself.

That is why in all civilised societies, it is an unpardonable offence for a person to set fire to a property, deliberately.

It is considered criminal to undertake such an act, referred to in the statute books as arson, with very punitive sanctions prescribed for it.

This is so, because despite it being negative, evidence abounds that people with evil minds commit acts of arson either for the pleasure of it, or out of vengeance. However, some others do it for monetary gains.

That is why we are not enthused by the Ghana National Fire Service’s statement that it would investigate reports that some companies burn their property, just to receive claims from insurance companies.

It is surprising that the GNFS is now waking up to this fact, for it has always been an open secret.

It is even believed that such acts are usually carried out in collusion with officials of insurance firms.

Isn’t it strange also and instructive that investigations into fire outbreaks are always conducted by the GNFS with nothing unearthed so far?

Is it the case of its personnel not living up to their responsibility of thoroughly investigating such incidents?

We wish to hold the Chief Fire Officer, Dr Albert Brown-Gaisie, to his word, and urge him to expose all those nation wreckers, including those within his outfit who may be collaborators.

We cannot stand the incessant fire outbreaks, and the melancholy they cause the people.


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