Filling station staff prevent fire outbreak

It was a near disaster on Wednesday at Kotobabi, a suburb of Accra, when a fuel tanker almost caught fire while discharging petrol, at the Petrobay Service Station.

The timely intervention of the filling station attendants doused the fire which emanated from a spark from the battery terminals of the long vehicle, which was off-loading petrol at about 8 am.

Sited in a residential area and sharing a common wall with a basic school and a bank, the effect could have been devastating if the situation had got out of control.

Reports of the incident went viral in the area, forcing residents out of their homes to converge at the facility, to have first-hand information about the near catastrophe.

Officials of the Ghana National Fire Service, however, were swift to respond to the emergency call but could only ensure that the area was protected from any unforeseen calamity.

Head of the Fire Service team, Assistant Station Officer at the Headquarters, Mr. Awitor Wisdom, confirmed the incident to The Ghanaian Times.

He said there was the need to relocate the filling station because “it is too dangerous to have a fuel station at a place like this”.

He called on the government and relevant stakeholders to crack the whip on filling stations sited at unauthorised locations, especially, in residential areas to avoid the recurrence of the June 3 fire disaster.

Some attendants told The Ghanaian Times that there was a near repeat of the kwame Nkrumah Circle,­ incident, had it not been for their proactiveness.

One of them who sought anonymity, described the heroics of the station attendants, including himself, as an intervention of God.

Some of the residents, however, used the medium to reiterate their call for the relocation of the station which they described as a death trap.

By Julius Yao Petetsi

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