‘FIFA does not recognise GFA’

• Dame  — Deputy Attorney General

• Dame — Deputy Attorney General

GHANA’S Deputy Attorney General Godfred Dame has claimed FIFA does not recognise the current FA administration.

According to Godfred Dame, the highest football governing body FIFA is very unhappy with the current crisis in Ghana football that it could not afford audience to the embattled FA at the meeting with government last Friday.

Responding to comments made by former spokesperson of the GFA, Randy Abbey said on Joy FM’s Newsfile programme that government erred in its attempt to dissolve the FA.

“It is quite clear from the statement jointly signed by FIFA and the government delegation, a member of which I was, that FIFA does not even recognise the current FA administration,” he said.

According to him, FIFA had initially wanted to meet the FA in Ghana but when its three representatives arrived in Ghana, they decided it was not worth it.

“It is important to note that the invitation for the meeting was extended by FIFA. Initially, they had indicated they wanted to meet with the members of the FA first then meet with the government.

“On arrival in Ghana, they decided that was a wrong idea. They abandoned the idea because as far as they are concerned they do not want to legitimise the operations of this FA administration,” he stated.

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