FBNBank re-launches unique savings products



FBNBank Ghana has re-launched two new savings account products which provide customers with an interest margin of 2 per cent more than what is available on the market currently.

The bank’s re-launched products are the FBNBank Prestige Savings Account and the Young Super Save Account.

The FBNBank Prestige Savings Account is a special hybrid savings account that has features of both a savings and current account.

Mr. Gbenga Odeyemi, MD/CEO of the bank, explained that “unlike the typical savings accounts where customers are unable to write a cheque to a third party, the Prestige Savings has a unique third party cheque writing facility because we understand that our customers may have more money in their savings accounts and may need to disburse some to others from time to time”.

This account he said could also be used as collateral for a loan facility and customers could make standing orders on the account to enjoy the ease of paying bills and making transfers.

The bank also re-launched its Young Super Save Account, designed for children under the age of 18 years.

The MD/CEO stated that “as tertiary education becomes increasingly expensive, this account provides the platform for parents and guardians to save towards the funding of their wards’ tertiary education as well as engender the savings culture in them”.

He therefore, encouraged parents and guardians to patronise the Young Super Save Account to ensure a good stock of fund accumulation towards future expenditure.

“The account can be used to secure a facility and also allows customers to access loans without disrupting the investment made,” he said.

He noted that “we have different categories of customers whose needs and preferences vary. We therefore see this as an opportunity to put our customers first before everything else”.

Mr. Odeyemi also stated that “we will continue to consider our client’s socio-cultural and economic needs in order to develop relevant products and services for them, “adding that the bank is currently working towards unveiling more products and services before the end of the year”.


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