Fasting, prayers can’t build nation—Rev Opuni-Frimpong

Rev (Dr) Opuni-Frimpong

Rev (Dr) Opuni-Frimpong

A former General Secretary of the Christian Council of Ghana, Reverend (Dr) Kwabena Opuni-Frimpong has asserted that prayers and fasting are not the absolute solution to the nation’s challenges.
He averred that “if prayers and fasting are the solutions to the nation’s challenges we will be a prosperous nation because the lyrics of the national anthem, especially ‘God bless our homeland Ghana’ are prayers almost every school, every day or national event say the words.

“Instead of fasting and praying all the time, I challenge religious leaders to advise their congregation on proper ethical behaviour, discipline, adhering to responsibility to state and community”.
“I charge ‘Men of God’ to speak against irresponsible behaviours of their congregation such as corruption, unprofessionalism, bribery, abuse of rule of law, selfishness and seeking parochial interest at the expense of the state since those who engage in such acts are same people who form the congregation”.

“Failure to do them will make religious leaders ‘irresponsible’ members of the society since they have shirked their responsibility to ensure people do right and work hard to better the economic fortunes of the state”.

“We need prayers, yes but we are building a nation, when we are building a Church you need both divine intervention and human action, I come to church, I pray with the church but I need professional, architects, people who understand money and the law”.

“I am a pastor, trained theologian but when I cross through from religion to law I should shut up and allow people who understand the implication of my action, the legal implication to even talk to me, you don’t stop at divine intervention, prayer and fasting”.

“We must teach Ghanaians their civic responsibility, discipline, hard work, investment, savings, culture and accountability, if all religious leaders can offer us is prayers and fasting, we are not helping the citizenry but disappointing the nation”.

“We must as well teach them to pay their taxes, responsible in all endeavours since it is pointless engaging in fasting and prayers when nothing positive is experienced on the national front and most people who engage in spirituality and are at the helm of affairs should ensure their actions influence them to act right and responsibly,” Rev Opuni-Frimpong admonished.–

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