Farmer sentenced to death

A High Court in Tamale, presided by Mr. Justice Charles Gyamfi Danquah, has sentenced a 21-year-old farmer, Kwadwo Sambili to death by hanging for murdering a woman, Grace Masambi Bakamba.

The facts of the case are that when the deceased went to the bank of River Dakar on October 31, 2009 with her two sisters to wash their clothes the convict arrived and told the deceased that he would cause her to drown.

Moments after making the threat, the convict seized the deceased, carried her on his shoulder and dashed for the river amidst struggle and protest from the deceased.

Sambili immersed Bakamba into the river and in an effort to save herself, she held unto the shirt of the convict. The convict however removed his shirt which was left in the hands of the deceased who got swept away by a swift current.

The convict was reported to have swam out of the river and pleas from the deceased’s sisters that he should rescue their sister fell on deaf ears.

Members of the community organised divers to search for the body which was found the next day.

The convict was arrested and after investigations, he was charged with one count of murder.

At the end of the case, a seven member jury returned a unanimous verdict of guilty.

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