Fare Thee Well J.H.Mensah

Ghanaians are once more in solemn mood, as one of its greatest statesman, technocrat, diplomat and politician, Joseph Henry Kweku Abew Mensah, goes home today, to rest in perfect peace, after many years of dedicated service to mankind, country and God.

The astute technocrat and politician had been unwell for sometime after many years of public service till succumbing to the icy hands of death on July 12, 2018.

Popularly known as J.H., he has served in many capacities in Ghana, and internationally since Independence, including being Member of Parliament and Minister of State.

His expertise in economic and financial affairs caught the attention of Ghana’s First President, Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah, who assigned him the task to help fashion out the Seven-year Development Plan that set post-colonial Independent Ghana on the path of growth and development.

Indeed, J.H. Mensah played a pivotal role in the post reconstruction of Ghana, especially during the period of military regimes, when the country had to fall on to his expertise so help restore the economy.

The Ghanaian Times is saddened by the demise of J.H. Mensah, a true selfless servant of Ghana, who had worked tirelessly to serve the country and has left an indelible footprint, worthy of emulation by generations of public servants.

We have followed and watched him closely over the years and cannot help but admire his flawless articulation of national issues and admire his love for democratic governance, rule of law and respect for media pluralism and freedom of speech.

His boldness, especially in speaking against constitutional infringement in the country was so fascinating. We recognise his contribution in deepening democracy, especially parliamentary democracy when the country returned to constitutional rule in 1993.

As a Member of Parliament for Sunyani East from 1997, till he exited the august house for the younger generation, J.H. stood resolutely to challenge some constitutional breaches regarding vetting of Ministers of State, as well as the swearing of the President into office, which appeared to have been done in contravention of the constitutional provision that the President must be sworn into office before Parliament- the peoples representatives.

We recall with nostalgia, his dexterity in handling matters in Parliament, which he did without fear or favour, and was jovial when tempers flared in the house.

Since his historical intervention in Parliament, things have never been the same; subsequently swearing-in of the Presidents-elect, has been done before Parliament, in consonance with the constitutional provisions.

As a true democrat and patriot, J.H. Mensah demonstrated his commitment to rule of law and always resorted to the court of competent jurisdiction, including the Supreme Court of the land, as the best mechanism for dispute resolution, without resort to violence.

By his insistence to settle matters in the law court, J.H.Mensah had put to test the laws of Ghana in the national interest and for peace and stability.


As we mourn this great son of the soil and share in the grief of the family for the painful loss of a father, grandfather, husband, we urge them to take heart and consolation in the fact that the Lord God knows best and that the memories would continue to be an inspiration to generations to come.  We are surely going to miss him.

Fare Thee Well J.H.Mensah! Ghana celebrates you! Rest in perfect Peace!


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