‘Explosion’ In Parliament … generator explodes during Budget reading

Doe_AdjahoThere was an explosion in Parliament on Wednesday, when the Finance Minister, Mr. Seth Terkper, appeared in the House to present the government’s 2015 Budget Statement and Economic Policy.

The House was without power from the national grid and had to rely on generators at the time the Minister was making his presentation, which was carried live on almost all television and radio networks across the country.

The explosion resulted from the heavy load on the generators being used to power the chamber, in the absence of power from the national grid.

The Speaker of Parliament, Edward Doe Adjaho, who confirmed the explosion yesterday, said the generators encountered a mini explosion because there was no power from the national power producers.

Yesterday, the House suspended sitting on a number of occasions due to the intermittent power outages. The law makers had to wait for many minutes for power to be restored, before they could continue their proceedings.

The Speaker, who seemed to have had enough from the power producers, constituted an ad hoc committee to investigate the incessant power outages in the House, as well as the actual cause of the explosion.

The committee consists of the leaders from both sides, the whips from both sides, and two other members from the back bench.

Mr. Adjaho described the incessant power outages in the chamber as unacceptable and entreated the ad hoc committee to submit its report on the investigation on Tuesday, for the necessary action to be taken.

In another development, the Deputy Minister of Education, Mr. Okudzeto Ablakwa, was in the House yesterday, to answer a number of questions pertaining to the activities of the ministry.

He answered questions on when the Tolon Senior High School, would be converted into a boarding school, and when work on a two storey dormitory would be completed.

The Deputy Minister also answered questions on why the Manso Adubia Senior High School had not benefited from any GETFUND infrastructural project, and when Bomaa Senior High School would be made a boarding school.

Mr. Ablakwa further responded to questions from the law makers on the government’s programme to remove schools under trees in every rural community.

By Yaw Kyei

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