I Am The Most Experienced – Bamba

alhaji_moctar_bambaAlhaji Muctar Bamba, the incumbent national organiser of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has appealed to party delegates to elect an experienced candidate for the position.

“We should not experiment 2016, we must go in to win power with strong organization, but not to elect somebody who wants to test if he can work as organiser,” he said.

Alhaji Bamba told the GNA that he has a rich experience as national organiser, gone through the mill and possessed the right qualities to be re-elected.

He opined that his contenders still needed time to learn from him before having enough experience to be fit as national organisers and urged the NPP to work actively in unity and be vigilant to emerge victorious in the next general elections.

“Election 2016 cannot be a done deal for the NPP if we do not do what we ought to; we should not attempt to give the organizer position to small boys who do not know what they are about,” Alhaji Bamba said.

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