Expectations of the 2018 Budget

The economy of Ghana requires the taking of stringent measures to streamline conditions in the country. The economy requires a smooth take-off and continuous growth aimed at ensuring satisfactory welfare for the people in this country.

This means that the yearly budget of the country must purposely focus on issues that critically address the concerns of Ghanaians. The critical issues ought to be addressed without delay so that economic growth will be smooth, continuous, purposeful and widely satisfactory.

One major issue which is of great concern to a number of people in the country is the cost of electricity. Fortunately, the President has promised that the 2018 Budget Statement and Economic Policy will see to the reduction of electricity tariffs.

The reduction of electricity tariffs is an issue that is of great concern to individuals, households and the business community. High electricity tariffs prevent businesses from growing tremendously to achieve business goals.

This is because the high cost of electricity takes away much of the financial resources that could have been realised for utilisation in other areas of the economy to bring improvement in the welfare of the people.

Since coming to power, the Akufo-Addo-led Administration has performed creditably well to address a number of challenging issues confronting the country. For example, the reduction or abolition of certain taxes on the business community has brought substantial reliefs to business operators.

While this is good and commendable, the Times wishes to urge the government to do more, particularly in the area of reduction of electricity tariffs so that businesses in the country can run smoothly without any hitches.

Another area of concern is the creation of jobs for the people of this country, particularly the unemployed youth. The needed conducive atmosphere is necessary to stimulate national economic growth.

The Times, therefore, expects to hear good news about job creation when the Honourabe Minister for Finance delivers the budget statement today.

Availability of jobs is a major challenge that must be tackled without delay. A focus on job creation will, therefore, bring great relief to many people in this country. The relief being sought will only come about when all sectors of the economy are soundly managed.

Flagship programmes such as One District, One Factory; and also Planting for Food and Jobs as well as other initiatives by government are commendable and must be implemented to the full. However, we also expect government not to rest on its oars but to continue to strive for the people until their welfare becomes greatly improved.

A substantial number of Ghanaians have great confidence in the bold attempts being made by government to improve the economic fortunes of the country.

For this reason, we expect all and sundry not to sit on the fence, but put in great effort to support government’s attempt to bring in the needed economic results.

If government plays its role well and people also put in their best in terms of hard work, the sky will be the limit as far as the attainment of prosperous economic life is concerned.

Finally, the Times expects government to put in measures to minimise or completely eliminate, where possible, all corrupt practices that occur in various sectors of the economy.

This is important because savings from corrupt practices can go a long way to assist this great nation to achieve its positive socio-economic purpose.


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