Every Generation And Its Talent – GFA Boss

mahatma otooGhana Football Association President, Kwesi Nyantakyi believes there is enough quality in the leagues and that every generation
offers something differen, report “Every generation has its best players,” Kwesi Nyantakyi observed. “If you go to the stadium, you will discover that. And those players of a generation are not going to be there forever.

They will move away for new ones to come.” Though the game has failed to attract the huge crowds to the grounds lately, the dynamics, level of development, competitiveness and expectation appears to be stack against the present generation as compared to the past years.”I think so.

Some people have a fixed mentality. Some people think [late] Baba Yara and Osei Kofi are the best players, and no other generation of good players have come about. Some think it was Abedi Pele and Tony Yeboah, some think it was late Shamo Quaye. “So if you don’t go to the stadium, how do you know that now there are good quality players,” the Ghana Football Association President said in response to a question about the quality produced in the leagues.

With a trophy-laden past and packed grounds to look back to, there were also darker moments, particularly in those eras as players of such generations left Ghana to suffer trophy-less spells.

Nyantakyi is optimistic that lots of quality can be found in the leagues and is encouraging football ghanafa.org. fans to track the progress of the present generation by watching games. “There are good quality players year in and year-out. If you fail to go the stadium, you don’t notice them and once you notice them, you will then get accustomed to their way of playing and the attraction will be there for you to continue watching matches,” he said. Herve Renard says credit should be given to Kwesi Appiah for coaching one of the most demanding team’s in Africa.

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