Ethiopia On The Verge Of World Cup Qualification

ethiopian-national-team-Ethiopia has been doing everything possible to make sure they beat Nigeria on Sunday.  On the field they have been in a sweltering camp for weeks now being drilled under the watchful eye of coach Sewnet Bishaw off the field they have been just as busy as the EFA has left no stone unturned to try and give the advantage to the resurgent Antelopes. can assuredly report that an earlier request to FIFA demanding to host Nigeria on October 20 was a ploy by Ethiopia to play the game without some of Nigeria’s key European-based players who they calculated, would not have been released by the clubs as various league play would have been in fuller bloom by then. FIFA rejected their request outright and the EFA had to settle for October 13. Ethiopia is still talking tough though and is brimming with confidence.

Dedebit star Minyahil Teshome infact is so sure of an Antelope win that he has gone on to say that the team is now preparing for Brazil itself. “In fact, we are already seeing beyond Nigeria, it is the World Cup we are preparing for, where we hope to play against Spain and Argentina on the field” he said. Nigeria on the other hand refuses to be spooked despite their Spartan travel arrangements which have raised eyebrows by many an expert.

The African champion simply want to do their talking on the field. “We believe it will be a game between 11 players on one side and 11 on the other side and the best team will win on the day.” said Musa Amadu, the NFF General Secretary. The Eagles are currently camped in Abuja where they will continue with their own preparations before leaving for Addis on Saturday, October 12. They held their first full day of training on Tuesday.- Supersport

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