Policies of government are meant to provide results to transform society and satisfy the people who live in it. If these policies of government are not known by people they will not be able to understand them, let alone appreciate what they entail.

It is for this reason that every action of government in the form of policy must be made known to the people on whose behalf the government governs. Policies will always be meaningless unless people are informed about them and encouraged to appreciate them for the good of the country.

Government intends to do many good things in the different sectors of the economy, namely, agriculture, forestry, health, employment, mining and many other areas. It is up to government to explain all policies earmarked behind actions meant to be undertaken for the total transformation of socio economic development in the country.

Development cannot take place without the involvement of the people and this is why it is essential that government policies are made known to the people in this country.

It is, therefore, gratifying to note government’s decision to organise national policy summits with effect from May this year.

The summits are meant for Ministries, Departments and Agencies to engage stakeholders on government policies and programmes. Such a move is good because it is meant to inform the people about what the government intends to do for them.

Towards this end, the summits will focus on a selected sector every month and will provide detailed information, build partnerships and also provide feedback from the citizenry to further enhance policy development.

In matters of this nature, feedback is very important because, it tells you whether people like the policy about to be implemented or they want to see some modifications based on certain reasons. Such feedbacks are therefore necessary to ensure relevant modifications towards the enhancement of policy development.

The Minister of information, Hon Mustapha Hamid, has made it clear that every policy summit will ensure that the citizenry and indeed all stakeholders are involved in the process of governance to give true meaning to democracy.

It is important for the policy summits to cover all sectors of the economy as explained by government. The reason for this is that every sector is important and needs to be developed to help in the transformational development and agenda of the country.

If every sector is important, then the people must be informed about policies affecting the sector so that the people will be involved in the development of the policies for the general growth of the country.

The Ghanaian Times urges the Ministry of Information to plan well towards these upcoming National Policy Summits so that benefits from these summits will be maximised for the good of the country.

The maiden edition of the summit, themed: “Building partnerships for growth and jobs”, will help engineer the forms of partnership required for national growth.

It is expected that the people of this country, including all stakeholders, will adequately prepare and show interest in all the National Policy Summits so that in one way or the other they can influence the policy decisions that are to come out to govern us in various sectors of the economy.

This, in a way, will make participatory democracy meaningful and ensure rapid socio-economic growth for the country.

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