ESOKO Launches Helpline For Farmers

esoko helpline launchThe first ever Esoko farmer Helpline call centre was on Friday, launched in Accra.

The call centre available to anyone, especially, farmers who could dial 1900, on Vodafone, MTN, and Airtel at a regular call rate, to reach agricultural experts would answer whatever question they may pose.

The project which was initiated by the ESOKO Company and sponsored by the USAID aimed driving social and economic impact among rural communities through the innovative use of mobile phones technology.

The centre would also help farmers in rural areas with the right information tips on agriculture activities, such as extension officers, current market prizes goods, weather conditions, within a particular time.

Speaking at the Launch, Mark Davis, Chief Executive Officer of ESOKO said, the call centre was available in twelve local languages and was opened from 8am to 5pm to make accurate information to the farmers in the area of their farming activities with one officer serving as many as 3,000 farmers” he added.

He said Languages available were Dagbani, Mampruli, Twi, Kusaal, Frafra, Dagaari, Wali, Ewe, Ga, Fante and Hausa.

The CEO said the call centre would educate farmers in areas such as, use of pesticides and fertilizers and much more.

The Commodities covered are maize, Rice Soya, Sorghum, Tomatoes, Cassava Yam, Mango, Sheanuts, cowpea among other.

He noted that, farmers in Africa were still struggling with the use of sophicated seeds, pesticides and fertilizers, and with many depending on the rains for their livelihoods.

“Farmers try to manage an increasingly unpredictable weather cycle” he said.

ESOKO he said, is partnered with CABI, CSIR, IFDC, MOFA and others to provide the very latest agricultural information and best practices.

The CEO said, ESOKO has grown to be the leading initiative in delivering market information to farmers across Africa, operating in 8 countries, employing over 200 people and increasing former incomes by 10 percent. By Daniel Amoo                                      

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