EPCG donates 100 units of blood to Tema General Hospital

Members of the church donating the blood

Members of the church donating the blood

It is not true that if a woman donates blood she cannot give birth in future, John Ahadzie, the Blood Programme Organiser at Tema General Hospital, has said.


“Donating blood is not a painful exercise, as some people believe, rather because blood is life when we donate it we are able to save lives,” he added.


Mr. Ahadzie dispelled the illusions here on Saturday when members of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church Ghana, (EPCG) donated 100 units of blood to the Tema General Hospital blood bank.


The donation formed part of activities to mark the 4th annual conference of the Meridian Presbytery Hadzihaga (Great Choir).


Mr. Ahadzie said superstition surrounding blood donation militated against efforts at mobilising people to donate the essential life supporting substance.


He appealed to churches, organisations and the citizenry to regularly donate blood to stock the blood banks, so that it could be made available to accident victims, patients during surgery, people with sickle cell and cancer patients, among others.


The hospital which serves Tema and surrounding areas requires between 400 and 500 units of blood monthly.


Mr. Ahadzie noted that sustained awareness creation through the media, churches, workplaces and the communities had enabled the hospital to stock enough blood to support life in the jurisdiction.


He outlined some of the advantages that accrue to donors, and mentioned medical examination to determine ones fitness status and blood group, as one of them.


Mr. Ahadzie said donors were given donor certificates along with cards that they could use to secure blood for members of their family when the need arose.


The President of EPCG Meridian Presbytery Hadzihaga, Roseline Mawuenam Kumasewu, said the purpose of the exercise was to save souls, adding that evangelism was not complete without physical support to the needy and suffering.


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