Once again, a road safety campaign has been mounted in the country, to ensure that lives are not lost on our roads.

Statistics from the police reveal that motor accidents are extremely high in this country, raising concerns as to whether the safety campaigns mounted from time to time have any positive impact on drivers and other road users.

When the Minister for Roads and Highways learnt about the statistics, he became so passionate that he immediately appealed to drivers to pay attention to the campaign, to preserve lives on our roads.

According to him, if drivers will not value their own lives, they should at least value the lives of those they transport from place to place.

We are joining the minister and other road users to ensure that this time around, casualties on our roads will be reduced to the barest minimum, if not completely eliminated.

To be able to achieve success in this move, the on-going safety campaign must be intensified in all parts of the country so as to bring about the desired results.

Life is precious and once lost cannot be reclaimed. This explains why as much as possible we all need to be careful on the roads, observe road signs and handle our vehicles with the maximum alertness and reasonableness, required of any competent driver.

Our policemen ought to be extra vigilant and strict on careless driving, and should quickly prepare culprits for court, to face the law. The rigid implementation of traffic regulations at all times will help bring sanity on the road.

Many road accidents can be avoided if only drivers will be a little more careful, keeping in mind the need for observance of traffic regulations.

The nation cannot continue to lose irreplaceable precious lives through avoidable and unpardonable accidents.

Motorists have an obligation to be fully attentive whilst driving. They are reminded that divided attention such us making or answering phone calls while driving is an offence. As is often said, a good driver is the one who is able to arrive at his/her destination safely.

Another group of people that readily come to mind when we speak about carelessness on the road, are motor bike riders. Some riders behave as if they are not part of the group of people expected to obey traffic rules and regulations.

Some of them jump traffic lights showing red, in the full view of the police, as if they can do so as and when they desire.

Clearly, these actions of motorists and other road users indicate that they no respect for the police and other who are mandated to bring order on the roads.

The consequences of detestable recklessness on the roads results in avoidable injuries and deaths. This situation must be stopped.

If the current road safety campaign is to succeed and bring improvement over the previous ones, we need to be very thorough in the implementation traffic rules and regulations.

Needless to say, this is the only way to bring about sanity on our roads.

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