Elsewhere in this edition, we have published a story on the ban on motorbikes near polling stations, which cannot be allowed to pass.

The Ghanaian Times associates itself with the Police for banning the riding of motorbikes at polling stations on December 7, because of the misbehaviour of some of them across the country.

The lawlessness of the riders is not only legendary, but a source of headache for motorists and law enforcement agencies.

Apart from that, some of motor riders often engaged in criminal activities, including the snatching of ballot boxes at polling stations in the past.

Their ban from operating at polling stations, though long overdue, is appropriate and in line with efforts aimed at protecting ballot boxes, voters and the general public on election day.

Indeed, many of these motorbike riders, who are already in breach of the Road Traffic Act, Act 683 of 2004, and Legislative Instrument (LI) 2180, also use motorbikes to commit heinous crimes, such as robbery, and killing or maiming of innocent people.

The fact is that some of them who belong to political parties, ride recklessly, regardless of the occasion and location.

Today, It has become fashionable for motorbike riders to mass up at political rallies or join the so called health walks and ride their motorbikes anyhow.

They completely throw caution to the wind, and engage in the most outrageous and aggressive acts that sometimes not only threaten the lives of members of the public, but send them to the hospital or the grave.

This is why we fully support the ban, and urge the security agencies to enforce it strictly.

Indeed, it is important that these miscreants are kept at bay, particularly, on the election day.

Certainly, this is a viable complement to efforts already being made by stakeholders, to ensure that the elections are held in a peaceful environment, so that those who would be elected would truly represent the choices of all Ghanaians.


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