Encroachment On School Lands Must Stop

Mr. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, Deputy Minister of Education, has sounded the alarm bells concerning the encroachment of school lands in certain locations of the country.

He is calling everyone into action, to stop the indiscriminate encroachment of lands clearly reserved for schools in the country.

“Numerous school lands, especially those in the cities and urban centres, are being lost to encroachers almost every year; as a result, it has become extremely difficult for government to carry out expansion of educational facilities, particularly in public basic schools in certain locations of the country,” he said.

The Deputy Minister was answering questions on the floor of Parliament, in Accra last Thursday.

He indicated that the situation at the senior high school level was even more alarming.

To halt the practice, he revealed that the Ministry has started the fencing of public schools to prevent the encroachment.

What the Times finds disturbing is that the Minister was addressing the people’s representatives who are better placed to help check the encroachment, and yet do nothing about the situation.

It appears the problem is solely for the government and for that matter, the Ministry of Education, to tackle.

We ask: “Where are all the community leaders, including assemblymen and women, chiefs and the MPs? Should they only look on while the lands are encroached upon indiscriminately?”

In our view, at the very least, everyone in the community should stand up against these nation wreckers, and stop the nefarious practice.

The government alone cannot win this fight. Everyone living in the affected communities will have to rise and speak against those engaged in the practice. Additionally, the community and its leaders could move a step further by contacting the law enforcement agencies to take the appropriate action.

We also urge the government to move beyond fencing the schools, to apprehending and prosecuting the encroachers.

The practice must stop, now!

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