Empowering Girl Education Co-Ordinators

Given the obvious importance of girl education to the total development of the country, it is surprising to learn that the role of Girl Education Co-ordinators is still undefined by the Ghana Education Service.

As a result, they are inadequately resourced, with many of them confined to their offices, rather than going to the field to do effective supervision.

The Co-ordinators’ duty is to ensure that girls stay in school and complete their studies, but still, targets set for the reversal of low enrollment of girls in school are not being achieved.

It is against this backdrop that the Upper West Regional Minister, Alhaji Amidu Sulemana, has called on the Ghana Education Service to define the role of the Co-ordinators, resource, and facilitate their activities, to achieve the targets in girl child education.

The minister who was addressing basic school girls drawn from 11 districts in the region attending  a week-long Regional Girls Camp in Wa, also advocated the enforcement of the Code of Conduct for teachers to ensure that male teachers do not enter into amorous relationships with their pupils and students.

Evidently, Alhaji Sulemana’s advice is relevant and long overdue, because the absence of an explicitly defined role of the Co-ordinators has contributed to the poor results being recorded at the girl education front.

Indeed, it is very common seeing pregnant girls drop out of school every year.

By all accounts, this is unacceptable and disturbing, and if nothing is done, Ghana may not achieve the Millennium Development Goal Two, which calls for equity in universal basic education of boys and girls.

Unfortunately, it appears that enough effort is not being made to enforce the Code of Conduct of Teachers to protect girls from unscrupulous teachers.

We therefore hope the Ghana Education Service, the teachers themselves, civil society groups, as well as communities, would take greater interest in the education of girls.

We would also be happy if the government, through the Ministry of Education and GES, could come out with a specified job description for the Girl Education Co-ordinator, to save them from further lazing around, and get them really to work.

Surely, this is an issue everybody would support, in the full knowledge that its success would benefit the entire country.

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