Employers must train staff in technological skills – Mohinani

BENEMohinani Group, manufacturers of Poly Packaging Product over the weekend held a number of sports activities and thanksgiving service as part its Golden Jubilee celebration.

It was organised to keep the management and staff in shape and also thank God for the blessings he has bestowed on the group throughout its 50 years of existence.

The event also enable the employees from various branches to interact. Some staff were rewarded for their long service to the company.

Addressing the media later, the Executive Director of Mohinani Group, Mr. Ashok Mohinani, said the event formed part of the company’s efforts to celebrate its past and inspire the future.

“We seek to celebrate our past and inspire the future through games, as well as award loyal employees who have been with the company for the past 35 years”.

Mr. Mohinani advised employers to stay ahead of technology, interact and train staff consistently to ensure the sustainance of the businesses.

He said the employers failure to do that had led to the increase in unemployment in the country, stating that employees would have to be endowed with new skills and knowledge to stay in business.

The executive director appealed to employers to train their workers, to meet the market demand evolving globally.

“Things are very tough and companies would have to adjust themselves to overcome the economic crisis that is transcending all over.”

Touching on sanitation, he said the key to waste management was education and disclosed that the group launched its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects that engaged students through waste management exercise to promote a clean and healthy environment.

The campaign, in a form of a competition seeks to inspire the youth through education and inculcate in them the habit of proper waste disposal.

CSR initiatives, he added, sought to engage and educate the Ghanaian populace on proper waste management and disposal, through sustainable partnership with Environmental Service Providers Association (ESPA) and Environment 360, a non governmental organisation in Ghana.

The executive director said its main objective was to engage Ghanaians through waste management to exercise and promote a clean and healthy environment, stating that recycling should be a way of life for everyone, therefore starting the education process with pupils would ensure that.


By Benedicta Folley 

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