Emile Short criticises lack of due diligence of leaders

Justice Short

Justice Short

Justice Emile Short, a former Commissioner of the Commission of Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), has criticised government’s renegotiation and eventual withdrawal out of the AMERI deal as a mere lack of due diligence on the part on African leaders.
“Here is an agreement signed by the previous government and the new government comes and says we are going to renegotiate it, an obvious charge on the government’s resolve to renegotiate a deal that the minority claim is in good shape before being ‘re-brokered’ by the government when it took the mantle.

“The president’s decision must have stemmed from his conviction that we don’t think it is a fair agreement and they enter into some kind of renegotiation.

“The president comes and says he was misled by some unknown persons so gave his approval by making the huge decision that led to the pull out of the AMERI deal,” Justice Short said.
He was speaking at the 20th anniversary celebration of the International Criminal Court (ICC) under the auspices of the Africa Center for International Law and Accountability (ACILA) on the theme: ‘20 years of the ICC-The hits, misses and prospects for pursuing justice for victims of atrocity crimes.’

“The deal’s renegotiation and the heads that have begun to roll as consequence to the poor decision making, I think it demonstrates often African leaders do not do due diligence, as has been found to be the case in the AMERI deal.
“I find it difficult to understand sometimes how we rush to ratify agreements without doing due diligence, suggestions swept under the rag to accept a deal that is, according to some experts, supposedly 45 per cent more costly than the one agreed to by the former Mahama-led administration.

“I’m saying sometimes we don’t do due diligence in ratifying agreements and also in approving international commercial agreements,” Justice Short bemoaned. –ghanaweb.com

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