Elmina Fort in ruins, lack maintenance

The front view of the fort

The front view of the fort

The Elmina Fort in the Central Region, built in 1660 by the Dutch during the slave trade is in ruins as a result of lack of maintenance.

The Saint Fort Jago was built as a military post to ward off attack on the Elmina Castle by enemies.

The fort and the castles have been preserved as national monuments, after the slave trade  and attracts visitors from both within and other foreign countries, who throng the place to learn about the cruelty of the slave trade.

Whereas the castle is buzzing with people and raking in revenue for the state from gate fees and sales of souvenir, that cannot be said of the Fort which stands on the hill overlooking the castle.

Some staff of the Ghana Museum and Monuments Board (GMMB), custodians of the castles and forts, are competing with birds for the occupancy of the fort, a visit by Ghanaian Times to the place on Sunday has revealed.

Visitors to the castle do not feel encouraged to continue with their sightseeing to the fort because of the unpleasant outlook of the place.

The road leading to the forte has partly been washed by the sea waves and outboard motor mechanics are also using part of the road as fitting shop.

The surrounding is unkempt and overgrown with weeds and Ghanaians Times has found out that some residents use the surrounding as place of convenience.

When contacted an official of the GMMB who pleaded anonymity admitted the challenges at the Elmina Fort, saying that there were plans to get all castles and forts rehabilitated.

The source said the GMMB was faced with budgetary constraints each time a request was put forward for funds to rehabilitate the place.

The official, however, expressed the hope that the new board that had just been inaugurated would work to ensure funds were made available for the rehabilitation of all forts and castle.

From Salifu Abdul-Rahaman, Elmina



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