Elmina Beach Resort workers on demo against unfair treatment

Workers of the Elmina Beach Resort in a demonstration

Workers of the Elmina Beach Resort in a demonstration

Workers of the Elmina Beach Resort in the Komenda-Edina-Eguafo-Abrem (KEEA) municipality of the Central Region, yesterday embarked on a protest march against unfair treatment of workers by the management of the facility.

They accused the managing director of the Golden Beach Hotels running the La Palm Royal Hotel, Elmina Beach Resort and Busua Beach Resort, Madam Abena Pokua Boaitey Amoah of impropriety, high handedness and insensitive to the plight of workers.

They have therefore, appealed to the authorities to terminate the appointment of the managing director to prevent the collapse of the hotels.


They are also calling for the appointment of a highly competent and professional person to run and turn and the investment in the three hotels.


To the workers, continuous stay in office as managing director of the facilities by Madam Boaitey-Amoah would affect productivity with the rights of workers being trampled upon.


They lamented that: “The victimisation of workers of this facility will continue as we dare not make any complaint concerning our welfare”


Wearing red bands, the workers carried placards with the inscription “Unfair labour practice at Elmina Beach Hotel”, “Workers are not slaves”, “Mr President, remove this woman” and “Madam, respect human right”


A petition from the Industrial and Commercial Workers’ Union (ICU) signed by the General Secretary, Solomon Kotei was read by the Regional Officer of ICU, Moses Kweku Otoo.


He stated that the managing director had disregarded the Labour Laws and Collective Agreement that govern the relationship between the workers and management and arbitrarily runs the hotel on her own terms and at her whims and caprices.


“For instance, in less than one year into the Managing Director’s administration, about 20 unionised workers have become victims of her acts of arbitrariness and union busting among others” he said.


He said that due processes were not followed on matters of discipline on alleged offences which sometimes results in dismissal and termination of appointments of workers whose culpability were not proved beyond reasonable doubt.


“Also, a disciplinary committee investigated some employees on alleged offences and subsequently submitted a report to the management for study and implementation” he said.

“The union and management negotiated and successfully reviewed the salaries of our members in the three hotels namely, La Palm Royal, Elmina Beach Resort and Busua Beach Resort which took effect from January 1, 2018 but, to date, the managing director has refused to implement it even though a memorandum of understanding was signed by the parties to that effect” he said.

From David O. Yarboi-Tetteh, Elmina

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