With the special voting exercise out of the way, the coast is now clear for the Electoral Commission (EC), to organise and conduct the 2016 general elections on December 7.
Admittedly, there were few irregularities during the two-day special voting exercise, but overall the exercise ended fairly well.
The irregularities due to voters not finding their names on the special voters list and mix-up in polling station codes, caused some anxiety and confusion in the minds of the general public.
Additionally, some voters, particularly security personnel who could not vote because their names were missing on the list also made various threats which were unfortunate.
The threats have heightened fears and perception that the general election may face similar challenges on December 7.
Although many see the threats and comments by the security personnel as needless, it fed into public anxiety and fear that all is not well with arrangement for the elections.
All that notwithstanding, thankfully,the EC has swiftly responded to the challenges and reduced the “fear factor” expressed by the public during the exercise.
The EC allayed the anxiety we with its confident public posture that despite the challenges faced by voters during the special voting exercise, the outcome was not fatal.
It said, apart from the process being orderly and peaceful, “the irregularities were not that fatal as some people alleged”.
Mr. Eric Dzakpasu, Communications Director of EC, said the exercise has taught them some useful lessons which they could avoid in this week’s election.
For the Times, the fact that the EC has admitted that the exercise was fraught with challenges, gives us hope that, it would correct the mistakes before December 7.
The rapid response to the challenges gives us the assurance that the EC has the capacity to rise to the occasion at the most critical time.
We must, therefore, support the EC instead of attacking it and questioning its preparedness to conduct a free, fair and credible election Wednesday.
Irrespective of what had happened, it is important for the nation to rally behind the EC to once again make the nation proud.
For good or bad, we must all lend our support at this critical period to ensure that the 2016 general elections is successful.

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