‘Election year demonstrations normal’

Mr Sampson Ahi, Deputy Minister of Water Resources Works and Housing

Mr Sampson Ahi, Deputy Minister of Water Resources Works and Housing

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Bodi, in the Western Region, Sampson Ahi has said the unrest within his constituency will not affect his chances in the upcoming polls.
He claimed it’s normal for demonstrations to peak in election year, thus he’ll not be perturbed amidst the protest set against him by constituents.
“They have the right to demonstrate- and as a matter of fact I don’t have any problem with that. It’s only imperative that we solve their problems for them.
“There are two major roads in the area; one section is under construction and the other remains unattended to but we’re aware of the problem and making efforts to resolve it.
“We have started rehabilitating them and we’ll ensure we tackle the one they are complaining about too,” Mr Ahi said.
Residents of Sefwi Kwafukaa, Bodi, in the Western Region, on Wednesday embarked on a demonstration against Mr Ahi, for failing to address the needs of the community mentioned deplorable road networks as well as other basic needs as their major concerns.
The demonstrators, who are in one of the perceived strongholds of the National Democratic Congress ( NDC) also vented their spleen on the government and the District Chief Executive( DCE), Solomon Fuachie, for failing to repair the area’s road networks, despite the fact that they vote  massively for the party.
They asserted that even though they had drawn the attention of the DCE and the MP to the issue of the deplorable roads, nothing had been done to rehabilitate them.


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