‘Elect competent PMs towards transformational agenda’

An aspiring Presiding Member of the Tema Metropolitan Assembly, Mr Joseph Korto, has called on Assembly members across the country to elect competent and experienced people as presiding members.

“It is a crucial national responsibility of all assembly members to ensure that only the best are put in such important position of duty since presiding members are fulcrums around which President Akufo-Addo could prosecute his transformational agenda.
“We all owe it to our own country to scale over propaganda and populist talks and then elect worthy members among us to be presiding members, so that the President’s transformational agenda can be achieved.
“If we allow ourselves to be misled by propagandists into electing incompetent people as presiding members for them to frustrate the transformational agenda of President Akufo-Addo, then we will have ourselves to blame for missing a glorious opportunity to help our visionary President transform our country,” he cautioned.
According to him, the eligibility criteria for candidates should include thorough knowledge of the Local Government system.
“At this stage of our democracy, we have come too far to allow our local governance system to be hijacked by propagandists and questionable characters especially when our President is taking on great challenges by their horns.
“In fact, we need serious minds who can help the President and MMDCEs achieve results,” Mr Korto, who is the longest serving Assembly member in the Greater Accra Region stressed.
“The Presiding Member should be a unifier, a father-for-all figure who is married to the standing orders, the local governance laws and regulations and the 1992 Constitution.
“The Presiding Member should be someone who has the welfare of assembly members and the residents in general at heart and the Presiding Member should be someone who would bring character to the chair and relate to all the stakeholders in a mature manner,” he noted.
Mr Korto, who is the Assembly member for Low Cost electoral area and chairman of the Development Planning Committee of the Assembly, commended members, metropolitan municipal and district chief executives (MMDCEs), members of parliament (MPs), traditional authorities and civil servants across the country for their good works.
Local assemblies across the country would soon elect presiding members to serve a two-year term.
Presiding members are responsible for convening and presiding over meetings of assemblies and related functions. -GNA

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