El Salvador approached to fix World Cup match

EL Salvador claims they have been approached to fix a World Cup qualifying game against Canada. Team members have released secret audio claiming to be someone asking them to lose the game, with players standing to make up to 2,700 US dollars each.

El Salvador cannot progress into the final round of qualifying for Russia 2018, but a win for Canada, with Mexico beating Honduras, can give them a chance of progressing.

The claims centre on an alleged meeting with Salvadoran businessman Ricardo Padilla, where he said he was offering a cash incentive on behalf of a Honduran millionaire.

Padilla repeatedly refused to reveal the identity of his backer under questioning from the El Salvador players.

The squad made it clear they were not interested in taking any money and that they would do everything they could to win for the country.

They then went public with the audio of the meeting, which is alleged to have taken place last Saturday, at a united press conference.

 – SunSport

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