Ekow Micah sacks lawyer

The case involving musician, Ekow Micah, charged with possessing narcotic drug has taken another twist, as the accused has dismissed his lawyer.

This followed a misunderstanding with his lawyer on the last adjournment on September 22.

The prosecutor in the case, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Moses Atibilla, told an Accra circuit court, on Friday that he had received a telephone call from the accused’s lawyer, John Dave Percy, informing him of the disengagement.

“My Lord, I received a call from the lawyer of the accused person and he told me that his client had asked him not to represent him anymore, for he does not need his services as a lawyer,” the prosecutor added.

The prosecutor, therefore, prayed the court to step the case down to enable him to contact the defendants to ascertain the rationale behind the delay as the investigator and the accused had not shown up in court in the morning.

However, they still failed to show up in the afternoon as expected.

Following this, The Ghanaian Times has gathered that the investigator, whose duty is to bring the accused person to court daily, is in the grips of the police for allegedly defrauding some Indians suspected to be involved in money laundering at Osu, in Accra.

At the last adjournment date of September 22, drama unfolded in court when the ace musician refused to speak through his lawyer as directed by the court.

Ekow Micah had his hands up in the air immediately the court clerk mentioned the case for him (Ekow Micah) to mount the witness box, indicating that he had something to say.

The judge, Aboagye Tandoh, then asked him to bring down his hand and speak through his lawyer to the court which has been the practice.

In this regard, his lawyer, John Dave Percy approached him to ascertain what his client had for the court.

However, he unfortunately refused to speak to his lawyer on the submission he wanted to make, insisting he would like to speak directly to the court and not through his lawyer.

Completely astonished by the uncooperative attitude of his client, John Percy, told the court, “My lord, I don’t know why he is refusing to tell me what he had to say, he is still insisting he wants to speak to the court directly”.

Fortunately another lawyer at court intervened, urging on the judge to allow them some ample time to resolve the matter to prevent any scene in court.

Consequently the judge, who had a meeting scheduled around that time, stood the case down and urged Ekow Micah and his counsel to resolve their differences before his return for the case to be called again.

Surprisingly, it took the third party who is a lawyer over twenty minutes after the judge had left to resolve the misunderstanding between Ekow Micah and his lawyer, before the two were seen together conversing heartily.

Consequently, the court yesterday adjourned the case to September 28, after the prosecutor had asked for a date in the absence of the investigator and the accused persons.

By Edem Mensah-Tsotorme        

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